Facial Treatments

Hawaiian Hydration Facial

The salt, the wind, the sun; there are many tropical hazards for your skin. Enjoy Kauai with confidence knowing that Spa by the Sea can rejuvenate your radiant glow with this ultra-hydrating facial. Steam towels are used to open the pours and your skin is treated with the healing Mana of the noni fruit and Aloe-Vera plant. Finally, a hydrating mineral mask quenches. So, go ahead, and let your skin work up a thirst (50 min|price list)

Noni Healing Facial

The island is constantly offering Mana: the energy to heal. This energy manifests itself into natural remedies that grow from the rich volcanic clay of Kauai. Noni fruit, found along the Kalalau Trail, has been used for centuries to treat dry, irritated skin and burns. Noni is used throughout this facial, from the exfoliating enzyme peel to the eye cream and lip balm applied at the end of your experience. Great for skin that is irritated from sunscreen, salt or detergents (50 min|price list)

Volcanic Clay Facial

Stress throws us off kilter, making it difficult to acheive Pono. Women have a hormonal reaction to stress. The naturally dominant hormone of estrogen is overrun by a surge of testosterone, wreaking havoc on the delicate balance in the skin. This facial restores balance, or Pono, to the skin with Chai Soy. Soy is an estrogenite, and it is mixed with a volcanic clay mask to saturate the skin with natural, feminine estrogen (50 min|price list)

Green Tea and Ginger Facial 

Ancient Hawaiians believed that the ocean is healing. The sea is brought to your skin with a mask made of South Pacific Ocean ingedients including algae, seaweed and sea clay. Green Tea and Ginger are added to make a power-pack of antioxidants. These ingredients gently feed the skin rich minerals, vitamins, enzymes and healing ocean Mana. Great for those with even the most sensitive skin (50 min|price list)

Purifying Probiotic Facial 

Your body, on a cellular level, is constantly struggling for Pono, for balance. You are full of both good and bad bacteria kept in stasis. Problematic skin falls out of balance, loses Pono, and allows harmful micro-bodies to wreak havoc. Help your body win the battle with a probiotic mask that synergistically diminishes acne causing bacteria and reinforces your body’s natural immune system. You will only find this treatment at Spa by the Sea (50 min|price list)

Classic Epicuren Anti-Aging Facial

Spa by the Sea’s Signature Facial

Scientists, in an attempt to help victims of severe burns, discovered a powerful metadermabolic enzyme that is similiar in structure to the skin’s own natural enzymes. The enzyme concentrate vitamin protein complex is so similar that it is recognized as ‘friendly’ and graciously accepted by your own body. Nourishing deep into the structure of your skin, this metadermabolic enzyme allows your cells to reproduce a healthier, younger version of themselves. This treatment is capable of reversing the signs of aging and healing old damage or sickness (80 min|price list)

Custom Facial

Allow our experts to evaluate your skin and give you the perfect treatment tailored to your skin type (80 or 50 min|price list)

Facial Waxing and Tinting

Spa by the Sea offers brow and lip waxing. We use organic amber wax, remove any stickiness with kukui coconut oil, close the pores with witch hazel and sooth the skin with tropical noni. A choice of hard and soft wax is available upon request (price list)